Ripening Time
Lodiyellow, transparent, thin-skinned, pie and sauce
July 20-30
yellow, crisp, spritely taste, eating
Aug. 1-10

pink stripe, tart, pie & sauce
Aug. 5-15
pink, sweet, pear-like taste, eating
Aug. 5-15
Williams Pride
dark red blush, crisp, spicy, eating
Aug. 5-15
bright red, juicy, Jonathan flavor, eating
Aug. 15-25
red, fine texture, sauce & eating
Aug. 15-25
pink blush over yellow, crisp, excellent eating
Aug. 15-25
red blush over green, hard & tart, eating & cooking
Aug. 20-30
Red Gravenstein
dark red blush, cooking & sauce
Aug. 25-Sept.5
Red Wealthy
red striped, tart, juicy, pie & sauce
Sept. 1-10

pink-red, Gala cross, sweet eating
Sept. 1-10
firm,crisp large McIntosh type, eating McIntosh-Jonathan cross
Sept. 1-10
Ginger Gold
yellow, firm, crisp, sweet, eating
Sept. 1-10
Buckeye Gala
bright red, sweet, crunchy, eating. Cox Orange-Golden Del. cross
Sept. 5-15
Royal Gala
red striped, sweet, crunchy, eating. Cox Orange-Golden Del. cross
Sept. 5-15
bright red, early mac type, all-purpose
Sept. 5-15
red, crisp, tart-sweet, all-purpose
Sept. 10-20
Royal Court
deep red, large, Cortland type, all-purpose
Sept. 10-20
Sweet 16
red, crisp, nutty flavor, eating
Sept. 10-20

Ribston Pippin
red blush, juicy, tart-sweet, eating
Sept. 10-20
red striped, crisp, juicy, sweet, excellent eating. Keepsake-Minn 447 cross
Sept. 15-25
purple-striped, firm, tart-sweet, eating. McIntosh-Jersey Black cross
Sept. 15-25
red striped, crisp, sprightly sweet ,eating. Macoun- PRI cross
Sept. 15-25
drk red, spicy, firmer McIntosh type, all-purpose. McIntosh-Newtown Pippin cross
Sept. 20-30
red, firm, pure-white flesh, all-purpose. McIntosh-Ben Davis cross
Sept. 20-30
Crimson Crisp
very crisp, tart flavor, eating & cooking
Sept. 20-30
red, red-streaked white flesh, eating, sauce
Sept. 20-30
Yellow-green, large, coarse flesh, pies & sauce
Sept. 25-Oct.5
Swiss Gourmet
Red blush, russeted, crisp, sweet-tart, eating. Golden Del.-Idared cross
Sept. 25-Oct.5
Royal Empire
deep burgundy, firm, sweet, all-purpose. McIntosh-Red Del. cross
Sept. 25-Oct.5
Sept. Wonder Fuji
bright red, crunchy, sweet, eating
Sept. 25-Oct.5
Red Delicious
dark red, crisp, sweet, eating. (We leave them on the tree until sweet)
Oct. 1-10
Red blush on yellow, sweet tangy flavor, eating. Golden Del.-Cox Orange-Duchess cross
Oct. 1-10
Cox orange-Jonathan cross
Oct. 1-10
ruby red, crisp, juicy, tangy, eating & pies
Oct. 5-15
bronze-red, white flesh, all-purpose
Oct. 5-15
Blue Pearmain
Large,blue skin heirloom
Oct. 10-20
Golden Delicious
yellow, firm, tangy, partly russeted, all-purpose
Oct. 10-20
red blush on yellow, crisp, sweet, eating. Jonathan-Golden Del. cross
Oct. 10-20
Red Jonaprince
deep red Jonagold, sweet eating
Oct. 10-20
red, Jonathan flavor in a large apple, keeper. Jonathan-Red Del. cross
Oct. 10-20
red,crisp, sweet, eating. Red Del.-Duchess cross
Oct. 10-20
orange-yellow, crisp, juicy, sweet, eating
Oct. 15-25
bright red, crunchy, tangy, keeper. Jonathan-Wagener cross
Oct. 15-25
Blushing Golden
yellow, waxy skin, firm, Jonathan-golden flavor. Jonathan-Golden Del. cross, excellent keeper
Oct. 15-25
bright red, mild flavored, pies & cooking
Oct. 15-25
Northern Spy
red, firm, tart flavor, good keeper, pies
Oct. 20-30
red, hard & sweet, small size but a keeper. Northern Spy- Minn 447 cross
Oct. 20-30
mostly green, large, sweet, all-purpose keeper.
Oct. 20-30
Ashmeads Kernel
heirloom, russet-likeOct. 20-30
Hudsons Golden Gem
large,russeted, pear flavor, heirloom
Oct. 25-Nov. 5
Golden Russet
golden, tart, great cider apple
Oct. 25-Nov. 5

red blush, crisp, sweet-tart flavor, keeper
Oct. 25-Nov. 5
yellow, sweet, crisp, keeps 10 months
Oct. 25-Nov. 5

Apple Varieties Grown

Production List

Great Information

  • Keep the crunch in your apples: Crisp, crunchy apples are what we grow and you can keep them crisp at home. Handle apples gently to prevent bruising. Refrigerate apples in the crisper section of your fridge. If possible, dedicate the entire section just to apples. Store apples out of the plastic bag or poke holes in the bag for ventilation. Apples give off ethylene gas that continues the ripening and softening of the fruit. You want to allow this gas to escape.
  • Fresh, unpasteurized cider is produced every Thursday during apple season. A blend of 8 to 14 varieties  of apples yields an excellent fresh juice with flavor that changes through the season as varieties ripen.
  • We use only tree-picked apples that have been washed and refrigerated. Our cider will usually keep two weeks in the fridge. You can freeze cider to be used later in another Wisconsin season ... Winter!