​​Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

Meet the Greens…
Dick and Vivian Green are proof that one does not need to grow up on a farm in order to become a great apple grower.

Dick was raised in the suburbs of Youngstown, Ohio. His grandfather owned a five-acre parcel of land, which became home to an array of farm animals and crops, including apples. Dick frequently biked to his grandfather’s farm where he developed a strong interest in raising plants.

Pre-medicine and education were the focus of Dick’s college education. He became a teacher after moving to Madison, WI in 1971. For 31 years Dick taught high school science while growing apples and raising a family.

Vivian was raised in the town of Lima, Ohio, where it was common for families to tend a small backyard garden and fruit trees. She grew up taking care of the vegetable garden and the apple, plum, and peach trees her family owned. Today she applies that knowledge and experience to her work at Pleasant Springs Orchard. In addition to her work at the orchard, Vivian taught elementary education for 30 years.

The couple has three children, all of whom were involved with the orchard over the years by planting trees, picking apples, growing vegetables, and selling at the market. Their youngest, Justin, is learning to manage and care for the orchard.

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