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About Pleasant Springs Orchard

​We are a family-owned Orchard and Farm, located just outside of Madison, WI.  Fresh Apples are our Specialty!  

Slowly but surely, Dick & Vivian built the Orchard to comprise over 2,000 apple and pear trees; several large vegetable gardens; a greenhouse; a cider making process; and a store.  Dick & Vivian were long-time fixtures at the Dane County Farmers Market, the Monona Market, and the Westside Market.    

Today, Dick and Vivian continue to consult and assist in the Orchard, passing their many years of knowledge and experience to the local family that recently purchased the farm, ensuring a seamless transition in a long-standing institution in the local Dane County farming community.   

Serving Madison since 1978…
Dick and Vivian Green founded Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard with the purchase of the farmhouse and 35 acres in 1977.  The following spring the family planted it's first apple tree.