Working to Improve

The Eco-Apples Project…

We are part of the Wisconsin Eco-Apples Project. This University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems program provides in-person and online resources for orchardists to start or expand the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

In addition, the Dane County Eco-Apple Network connects the many apple growers in our county to identify problems, share ideas, and give and receive advice on growing apples.

Continuous Improvement…

We continually work to improve our orchards. This involves:

  • Replacing old and over-sized trees with smaller, more manageable trees;
  • Integrating different varieties of apple trees. (We now have 68!);
  • Expanding our cropland to utilize high quality soil.

We also work to improve our knowledge of apple growing by:

  • Attending fruit growers’ conferences;
  • Experimenting with different techniques and varieties;
  • Working with IPM consultants, extension workers, and fellow orchardists in the Eco-Apples and Wisconsin Apple Growers Association networks.