​​Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

​​​What's Available Now

                      December14 , 2017

  After November 23, store hours are 10am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday only. Last day for the store will be Saturday, December 23.   We will continue to bring our products to the Dane County Winter Market beginning Saturday, Jan. 6. 
We have a good supply of most varieties.

Apples available now are Honeycrisp, Keepsake, Liberty,  Regent , McIntosh, Swiss Gourmet,  Braeburn, Sonata, Macoun, Spartan, Fuji, Blushing Golden, Northern Spy, Snowsweet, Empire,  Golden Delicious, Melrose,  Rome, Idared, Goldrush, and Suncrisp.  

Fresh unpasteurized cider was made Dec. 14. We have 14 varieties of apples in this week's blend. Cider is $9.50/gal, $5.50/Half-gal., $3.00/pint

Applesauce is available in quarts($6.00/qt.). Apple butter is available in pints($8.00/pt.)

Applewood chips are available for grilling/smoking.

Our own  honey is in the store.

General Varieties $2.00/Lb, Specialty and Heirloom varieties $2.50/Lb., Honeycrisp $3.00/Lb. Contact the orchard for bushel prices. 

Note: We accept cash or personal checks only, no credit/debit cards.