​​Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

​​​What's Available Now

            May 14, 2020



The Dane County Market on the Square is currently postponed due to the coronavirus precautions. We are out of our greenhouse lettuces but did plant lettuces in the field May 4 and should begin harvesting June 19. We will then offer lettuces at the orchard and at Westside Community Market and Monona Market. Available now we have frozen apple cider, fresh rhubarb, honey, applesauce, apple butter, and apple wood chips.

May 13 we planted 600 melon plants but you will need to wait until late July for ripe melons.

On March 28 we grafted 100 trees from our own scionwood. We just finished planting 220 new apple trees and 40 pear trees. The grafted trees were planted in a nursery April 26. In the orchard trees are beginning to bloom and we should be in full bloom by May 20.

​Apple cider is $6.00 per half-gal. , $10.00 per gallon. This is cider that we froze last fall.

Chunky Applesauce(Natural and Cinnamon) is available in quarts($6.00/qt.). Our applesauce has no sugar added.

Apple butter is available in pints($8.00/pt.)  Try some in your grilled cheese sandwich.

Our own honey is available in 1Lb.,2Lb. and 4Lb. jars. We have both wildflower and buckwheat honey. 

Applewood chips are available for grilling/smoking.( $4.00/bag). Call for larger quantities.

General Varieties $2.00/Lb, Specialty and Heirloom varieties $2.50/Lb., Honeycrisp $3.00/Lb. Contact the orchard for bushel prices. 

Note: We accept cash or personal checks only, no credit/debit cards.