​​Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

​​​What's Available Now

           September 18, 2020


 The orchard store will open Saturday, August 29 and will remain open daily, 11am-5pm, except closed Wednesdays. Masks will be required to enter the store and social distancing between families should be observed. You can preorder our products by calling 608-852-4165.

 We are selling our products at Westside Community market on Saturdays and at Monona Market on Sundays. 

 Apples available are  Honeycrisp, Zestar, Sweet 16,  Earliblaze, McIntosh,  Swiss Gourmet, Crimson Crisp, Wealthy, Jonathan, Greening, and Cortland .

Fresh unpasteurized cider was made September 17. Cider is $11.00/gallon, $7.00/half-gallon, $3.00/pint.

Chunky Applesauce(Natural and Cinnamon) is available in quarts($6.00/qt.). Our applesauce has no sugar added.

Apple butter is available in pints($8.00/pt.)  Try some in your grilled cheese sandwich.

Our own honey is available in 1Lb.,2Lb. and 4Lb. jars. We have both wildflower and buckwheat honey. 

Applewood chips are available for grilling/smoking.( $4.00/bag). Call for larger quantities.

​Apple firewood is available at the orchard.

General Varieties $2.00/Lb, Specialty and Heirloom varieties $2.50/Lb., Honeycrisp $3.00/Lb. Contact the orchard for bushel prices. 

Note: We accept cash or personal checks only, no credit/debit cards.