​​Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

​​​What's Available Now

                   December 13, 2018

​ We have Honeycrisp, Keepsake, Fuji,   Jonagold, Jonathan,    McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Macoun, Sonata, Regent,  Northern Spy, Spartan, Liberty, Snowsweet,  Idared, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Blushing Golden, Suncrisp,  Melrose, Goldrush, Rome Beauty,  and Red Delicious.   

  For our DCFM Market customers, we will be at the indoor market at Monona Terrace on Dec. 15, and Dec. 22, 7:30-Noon. 

December store hours are 11am-3pm Saturday and Sunday only. We are closed Monday through Friday. We have a good supply of apples and will stay open as long as the weather stays tolerable for you and us. Last day for the store will be Saturday, Dec. 22. 

Fresh unpasteurized cider was made December 13. We have 14 varieties of apples in the cider.

Butternut  Squash are in the store.

Chunky Applesauce(Natural and Cinnamon) is available in quarts($6.00/qt.). Our applesauce has no sugar added.

Apple butter is available in pints($8.00/pt.) We have caramel dip in 15 oz tubs for $6.00.

Applewood chips are available for grilling/smoking.( $4.00/bag)

Roasted hickory nuts(10.5 oz. bags) are $15.00.
General Varieties $2.00/Lb, Specialty and Heirloom varieties $2.50/Lb., Honeycrisp $3.00/Lb. Contact the orchard for bushel prices. 

Note: We accept cash or personal checks only, no credit/debit cards.