​​Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

​​​What's Available Now

                    March 1, 2018

 The orchard store is closed for the season. We still have apples and cider and you can arrange a time to pick up by calling 608-852-4165.

 We will continue to bring our products to the Dane County Winter Market beginning Saturday, Jan. 6. The market is in the Senior Center in Madison on W. Mifflin St., 7am - Noon , Saturdays Jan. through early April.
We have a good supply of several varieties and they are holding well in cold storage..

Apples available now are  Keepsake, Liberty,  Regent ,  Sonata, Spartan, Fuji, Blushing Golden,  Snowsweet, Empire,  Golden Delicious, Melrose,  Rome,   and Suncrisp.  

Fresh unpasteurized cider was made March 1.  We have 14 varieties of apples in this week's blend. Cider is $9.50/gal, $5.50/Half-gal., $3.00/pint

Applesauce is available in quarts($6.00/qt.). Apple butter is available in pints($8.00/pt.)

Applewood chips are available for grilling/smoking.

General Varieties $2.00/Lb, Specialty and Heirloom varieties $2.50/Lb., Honeycrisp $3.00/Lb. Contact the orchard for bushel prices. 

Note: We accept cash or personal checks only, no credit/debit cards.