​​Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

Why Our Products are Exceptional

Our fruits are of the highest quality…
When it comes to our fruits and vegetables, we do much of the work ourselves. This means that our fruits and vegetables benefit from the personal attention of experienced growers.

This way, each and every time our customers pick up an apple or tomato, they can trust that it is the best product that we can produce.

We care about the local community…
During our years of growing apples we have built a community of loyal and satisfied customers. They return, year after year, for apples, vegetables, conversation, and friendship. By offering great quality products that are grown at a local orchard, we work to keep people and the environment healthy, happy, and abundant for future generations.

When we sell at the local
markets we are able to:

  • Personally attend to our crops;
  • Cut back on pesticide applied to the produce;
  • Provide fresh and delicious products, and;
  • Reduce the fuel it takes to get to the market.

We do it because we love it!
When we began growing fruits and vegetables we knew that it was something we could do for the rest of our lives. We enjoy being outside, working with plants, managing our honeybees, and providing our friends and neighbors in Dane County with tasty, healthy produce!